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Career Transition Coach

My professional background includes successful careers in corporate communications, non-profit marketing and
fund-raising, consulting, university teaching, writing, and coaching.  

I encourage people who are stuck to examine their life purpose and apply that to their career decision. I strive to listen to and understand each situation and to help you find new, better ways to think and feel about your next move forward. Having made my own conscious career and life transitions, I know how difficult it can be to align values and purpose with market reality. 

I research and write about how organizations and careers are evolving and how individuals can navigate their careers in a rapidly transforming workplace. My approach uses self-assessment tools, referral to resources, energy leadership skills development, and intuitive listening to get you results quickly. Together, we discover new ideas and alternate, better approaches and solutions. 

I am available to clients as needed for both quick response and session scheduling.

Want to schedule a complimentary appointment with me to talk about your situation?

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Books, Case Studies & Articles
Books, Case Studies and Articles co-authored by Hunter Hastings and Jeff Saperstein
  • The Interconnected Individual: Seizing Opportunity in the Era of Platforms, Apps, and Global Exchanges, Business Expert Press, 2018
  • Service Thinking: The Seven Principles to Discover Innovative Opportunities, Business Expert Press, 2014
  • Bust the Silos: Opening Your Organization for Growth, Amazon Create Space, 2010
  • Improve Your Marketing to Grow Your Business, Prentice Hall, Wharton Business Press, 2007
  • The New Marketing Mission, Association of National Advertisers, 2004
  • How Social Media Can Be Used to Dialogue with the Customer, Richard Ivey Business School Publications, 2010
  • How Cisco Creates New Value via Global Customer Service, Thunderbird International Business Review, Sept/Oct 2010

Additional Books and Business Case Studies by Jeff Saperstein
  • LinkedIn: Bridging the Global Employment Gap, Richard Ivey Business School Publications, 2017
  • The Art and Strategy of Service Learning Communications, Wadsworth, 2004
  • Creating Regional Wealth in the Innovation Economy, Prentice Hall, 2002
  • How to Be a More Effective Account Manager, Crown Road, 1989
  • Practical Approaches to Impromptu Speaking, Kendall-Hunt, 1988
  • Infosys: The Challenge of Global Branding, Richard Ivey Business School Publications, 2005
  • Agilent Technologies, Richard Ivey Business School Publications, 2004
  • Toyota: Driving the Mainstream Market to Purchase Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Richard Ivey Business School Publications, 2004 (Best seller)
He has published over 20 articles in business publications on marketing and advertising and three case studies for Richard Ivey Business School: Agilent, Toyota, and Infosys

Client Testimonials

  1. Jeff has an uncanny ability to identify the best in you, and bring it to the fore. He can give you confidence, unlock your passion and help you navigate the most productive and fulfilling direction for your future. I have collaborated with him for 15 years and never ceased to marvel at Jeff’s skills. Now he’s making himself available as an individual coach. Jeff’s coaching acumen will be a gift to anyone seeking to find their best pathway for future personal growth.
    Hunter Hastings (Member and Ambassador at Ludwig von Mises Institute)
  2. Jeff has a unique set of skills that position him perfectly for people looking to move forward in careers in which they are feeling “stuck” or are ready to explore pursuing a career that brings them a deeper sense of purpose. His background and success in consulting, university teaching, public speaking and writing offers clients a wealth of knowledge and deep understanding of the future of work and how individuals contribute to the knowledge economy. This, combined with a passion for coaching and working with others to access their true drivers and motivations, creates real results for his clients.
    Jennifer Davies (Director, Business Operations and Management, Mobile/Video & Emerging Product)
  3. Jeff used his vast business knowledge, strong listening skills and incredible network to help me articulate a passion that even caught me by surprise. Not only that, he was able to connect me with a forum to explore this idea further. For those in career transition, or are wanting to explore ways to turbo charge an existing role, I strongly recommend talking with Jeff.
    Jonathan Levy (Training and OD Consultant at Autodesk)
  4. Jeff is an exceptional coach. I've known him for close to five years, and I recently began working with him to get guidance on an important career transition. After five short sessions, I now have a plan with a clear set of milestones that are both practical and aligned with my needs and ambitions. Why: because Jeff has the right combination/balance of listening skills, empathy, and understanding to guide the conversations where they need to go. All that, plus he's a mensch (a great person).
    Giovanni Rodriguez (Founder at The Silicon Valley Story Lab)
  5. Few people have the ability to coach with the expert emotional intelligence, wisdom, and caring of Jeff Saperstein. I had the pleasure of working with Jeff as I was exploring a midcareer change in the spring of 2016. From very early on I felt like Jeff “got me”. His nuanced, precise communication made each of our co-created sessions productive and rich. Over our 5 months of coaching, I took action by transitioning to a fabulous new job aligned to my values and developing a clear career roadmap. I am deeply grateful to Jeff and highly recommend him to anyone seeking to learn and live fully.
    Tracey Logan (Project Management Office Director at San Francisco Unified School District)
  6. I have had the privilege of knowing Jeff for a number of years and I really appreciate the way he has helped me grow in so many areas. Jeff has helped me focus on understanding my ultimate value, whether that's analyzing how I deal with stress or addressing the prism through which I view myself and the world. Jeff is an excellent coach and transition partner who provides strong guidance that goes well beyond normal career advisory services.
    Daryl Pereira (Marketing Communications, IBM Cognitive)
  7. I had the pleasure of working with Jeff and found him to be highly professional, perceptive and very knowledgeable on a range of issues. He asks open ended questions to allow you to express yourself in an open and forthright manner but he is also able to be very specific when the situation demands. Most important of all he is an excellent listener so you don't need to repeat yourself and you realize that he has a talent of distilling information he hears into astute observations. He is careful not to be telling you what to do but rather he asks good questions, and makes intelligent observations and is always mindful that it is the client who must decide what to do. It was a great pleasure working with Jeff.
    Anthony Vidergauz (Board of Chairs and Fellows at The Tugboat Group)
  8. DescriJeff has an astute mind and an open heart. He is uniquely capable to engage with women, enabling them to feel safe, listened to, and coached. He will give intuitive insight and useful resources so you can make better decisions. He is neither overbearing nor judgmental, and he invites deep, important conversations. I encourage anyone who is thinking of making a career transition to work with Jeff to help make changes to a happier and more fulfilled life. He gets my highest recommendation! ption
    Susan Neville (Leadership Trainer and Group Facilitator | Instructor)
  9. Alan Hakimi, Strategist | Distinguished Architect | CTO | VP | Digitization Expert

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